Problems of an Overworked Librarian #118

How Library Staff Really Act Towards One Another…

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #117

When the good workers leave and your stuck with the bad ones…

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Friday Debate: Amazon Books

Friday Deabte

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Librarian Burnout

“Librarian” and “burnout” are two words that commonly don’t go together. “Librarian” “superhero” are terms that meet the general consensus. To most people, librarians can do anything. They provide research assistance, technological assistance, help with social services, conduct library programs, reader’s advisory…the list just goes on and on. You see, librarians wear many hats and it is no surprise that “superhero” is sometimes associated with librarians. Continue reading “Librarian Burnout”

Why I Don’t Shop at Barnes & Noble

A few days ago, an editorial was published in the New York Times depicting the deep trouble Barnes & Noble is truly in and why, more than ever, the retail book chain needs to be saved. Across the web and the blog-sphere, writers and book lovers a like are urging that we need all that we can do to save a company that is literally the last book chain in the United States. There is strong encouragement now, to shop at Barnes & Noble  more and support their future.

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Weekly Tea Discussion: Public Harassment

Librarians have to deal with a lot. Of course, there is this false perception that all we do is read at the desk all day. I wish that was the case. Librarians are teachers, caregivers and social workers. We are at the forefront of public interaction. And having to deal with the public on a daily basis attracts us to unwanted attention. Sexual harassment, unfortunately, is front and center in public service jobs.

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Everyone Needs a Book


Libraries are a vital part of any community. So it is always disheartening to hear when in some communities, libraries are closing left to right. A crisis, unfortunately, that is currently happening in the UK.

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Most Popular Books in US Public Libraries (Shown By City)


15 city public libraries provided the website Quartz the recent circulation rankings and it looks like Go Set A Watchman by Harper Lee and The Girl On The Train  are the most popular books to be checked out:

The time period for the checkout lists varied by library, but all were each library’s most recent figures. Some libraries provided Quartz with lists for July, others for August, and some provided lists that spanned multiple recent months. Because Go Set a Watchman was released on July 15, its popularity could be underrepresented by some libraries’ lists.

Watchman was popular enough to be a top 10 most popular book at nine of the libraries. The Girl on the Train was checked out enough to make 11 top 10 lists.”

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