Problems of an Overworked Librarian #168

Returning Back to a Five-Day Workweek…

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #167

What Management’s Fantasy Reopening:

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #166

The least favorite patron enters the branch…

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Librarians: Let Our Voices Be Heard

Calling all Librarians!

As states and cities start to reopen after a three month lockdown, most groups and organizations are in a rush to return to a sense of normalcy. One of those organizations are public libraries. During the lockdown, the importance of libraries and their position in society has become more dominant and essential in people’s lives. Because of this, city and state governments are quick to reopen public libraries, to plug those holes that people have been lacking in their lives.

But that means librarians and staff are left out in the cold. Because who are the people that are going to be at the frontlines and dealing with the public the most?

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