Why I Am Afraid to Go Back To Work

I wanted to share a recent story from a library in West Virginia about incident where a patron refused to abide by the library’s rules:

The Heart of the Matter

I am not good at talking about politics or current events. Just because I have been silent on social media about what is going on, does not mean that IContinue reading “The Heart of the Matter”

Sorry, Black Panther Will Not Win an Oscar

Oscar season comes to an end tonight. Some anticipate watching to see which movie will win the best picture or which favorite actor or actress will win an award. SomeContinue reading “Sorry, Black Panther Will Not Win an Oscar”

Everyone Needs a Book

Libraries are a vital part of any community. So it is always disheartening to hear when in some communities, libraries are closing left to right. A crisis, unfortunately, that isContinue reading “Everyone Needs a Book”

Quote of the Day – July 5, 2015

Weekly Tea Discussion: Libraries and Publishers

Libraries and publishers, a very tenuous relationship. Both institutions are vital in this book market, especially with the number of booksellers decreasing and Amazon becoming a larger book retailer, butContinue reading “Weekly Tea Discussion: Libraries and Publishers”

Defense of Libraries & Defense of File Sharing: Not the Same Thing

I read this article on TorrentFreak.com and this author argued that if you are defending public libraries, you can’t oppose file-sharing over the internet because basically both file-sharing and publicContinue reading “Defense of Libraries & Defense of File Sharing: Not the Same Thing”

#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge: Wrap Up

Well, that’s it! That is an end of very eventful and productive challenge. I didn’t get to read as many library books I planned. But I did save a lotContinue reading “#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge: Wrap Up”

Day 25: Job Prospects

Like I previously mentioned before, I work in a special collections library and had the same library assistantĀ position for the past three years. I earned my MLS in January 2014.Continue reading “Day 25: Job Prospects”

Can special libraries be too “out of touch”?

As National Library Week is coming to a close, we reflect onĀ all the things that are libraries have done for us. At the same time, libraries across the country haveContinue reading “Can special libraries be too “out of touch”?”

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