Problems of an Overworked Librarian #86

So many new cataloged books, so little time…

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Things They Don’t Teach You In Library School

Library schools are great education institutions that teach budding librarians the joys and what it truly means to be a librarian. But do they accurately portray the realistic library environment? After graduating from library school 5 years ago, I was ready for the librarianship field intellectually, but was I mentally and physically ready? I was in no way prepared for the type of surroundings I was about to enter and library school never really prepares you for that. Then I started to think back on all the things I learned in library school and all the things that should have been taught and this is what I came up with: Continue reading “Things They Don’t Teach You In Library School”

Problems of an Overworked Librarian #85

When a patron asks you a question and it feels like their life story…







Problems of an Overworked Librarian #84

Patron: “But why didn’t you, the library, inform us about these new changes?”

Library Staff:

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #83

What I Wish I Was Doing at the Library the Day After Christmas

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #82

How I Am Feeling Through the Last Days of 2018

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #81

Staff planning the annual holiday party…

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Friday Debate: Holidays in Public Libraries

Friday Deabte

Welcome to Friday Debate, a feature on cup of tea with that book, please, where every Friday a question will be posted that tantalize the brain and expands our horizons. For this week’s question:  Continue reading “Friday Debate: Holidays in Public Libraries”

Problems of an Overworked Librarian #81

Outreach to a chaotic school…

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #80

Getting to leave work early before a holiday…

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