Poem: Still Not Enough

You praise my creativity Youu applaud my intelligence My strenght rises My work iin high esteem

Poem: The Grief

Salty waters wash over me My eyes beam red as the sun My heart constraint in chains Not even one beat cuts through its clasp

Poem: Ideal

The fire, crackling and popping Amber colors, dancing through the night The room is filled with warmth and light The calmness of it all Gets me through the dark

Poem: Not That You’ve Gone

Little squeak Little scuffles against the mat Paws climbing, just for a glimpse All of these joyful sounds Greeted me at the end of the day

Twinkle in Your Smile

You raise us up in the air Our laughter gives us joy Your smile widens Our happiness brightens The first time we see The twinkle in your eye   YourContinue reading “Twinkle in Your Smile”

Poem of the Week: Peace of It All

And we end National Poetry Month with a poem I written recently. Hope you enjoy and thanks for reading the Poems of the Week! Through the countryside The rolling hillsContinue reading “Poem of the Week: Peace of It All”

March On

  Our voices were heard Our purpose was fought Pitchforks clenched in our hands Taking a large stab at injustice along the way   The Mall usually paved red, whiteContinue reading “March On”

Poem: Force To Be Reckoned

Our voice was heard Our rights were won One day at a time We fought for what was right But one simple check of a box Set our stride backContinue reading “Poem: Force To Be Reckoned”

Poem: In A Matter of Hours, In A Matter of a Day

I wrote this poem in reflection of what has happened with the result of the Presdiential Election. I want to say that this is my OPINION and how I FEEL.Continue reading “Poem: In A Matter of Hours, In A Matter of a Day”

Poem: Grateful

  Jagged scars Red and blue bruises All your actions All your words Left markings on my body. You thought brought me down Pushed me to my breaking point. ButContinue reading “Poem: Grateful”

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