Poem: Disappearing

Credit: imgkid.com

The line between life and death

Goes thinner and thinner everyday

But it comes closer and closer

When the realism of the world

Comes in a whole new light

Upon you.

Life becomes such a heavy burden

For a young person.

This person wants all the hatred,

All the mocking,

All the violence to disappear.

All she wants is a perfect life.

Could life be ever perfect?

She then thought that this life

Would become a reality

If she would disappear

To a better place

And from herself.

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Poem: What Can I Do?

https://ourbetterhealth.files.wordpress.com/2015/02/inner-child.jpgI see you everyday

And there is nothing that I can do

The sweet smile that you give

The brightness in your eyes

The ways that you make me laugh

The ways that you make me smile

I hold all of these things

Treasured in my heart

But still there is nothing I can do

I see you with someone else

It hurts but what can I do?

I can never say anything

Fear has taken over my emotions

All I can do

Is push my feelings aside

Just sit quietly

And await my fate

What can I do?

Nothing I tell my aside

Even if you are not with me

It is still ok

I still want you in my life

I rather have you as a friend

Than not having you in my life

At all.

Poem-A New World


Down at the world beneath you

Beckoning upon your name

Like soft music to my ears

Singing their glorious song

What you see

Different from your own world

Longing to take the change

That beholds over you

Making you a new person

Inside and outside

Seeing how the brightness

Shines upon you

Not just upon your soul

But on your heart

Running along that new path

Showing you the new way

To the new world.