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Here at Cup of Tea, we love the hard work and dedication of independent bookstores and we love to support them in any way! That’s why the book links on this blog link to websites that does just that! Down below you can check out the programs that this blog is part of and links you will see frequently used. Check them out!

NOTE: Most blogposts includes affiliate links, which means we earn a small commission (at no extra cost to you) if you buy through them.

My Storefronts

Bookshop.org (US)

Check out the books that are mentioned on this blog in the US Bookshop. org shop!

Bookshop (UK)

Go across the pond virtually and check out the books that are mentioned on this blog in the UK Bookshop. org shop!

Support Your Favorite Bookstore with Libro.fm!

Switch from Audible and sign up with Libro.fm! When you sign up for a new monthly membership in support of your local bookstore with the code BOOKSTEA, you’ll receive a free audiobook* when you start a new monthly Libro.fm membership for $14.99 a month!

*Valid in the US and Canada.

Don’t Know Which Audiobook to Choose? Try These Curated Playlists!

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Are you a blogger or influencer and interested in joining the Bookshop.org and Libro.fm affiliate program? Click down below to find out more!

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