#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge-Week 2 April 11

Books you would like to suggest to your library

I don’t think there are particular books I would like my library to order. I just think they should acquire more books from independent publishers. I like to read a different variety of books and I think that also pertains to who publishes the books. Maybe if we didn’t read from just the “big five” publishers, independent publishers and also writers will get the recognition they deserve.

Day 2: Libraries


Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.”

–Walter Cronkite

My first memory of entering a library was enchantment. This was a dream come true for me. Endless, endless miles long of books, all for me to read. And all it takes is just one simple card to make all those dreams come true.

When I was young, I consider libraries my safe haven. Not only was it a place of learning, it was a place where I could be myself without any judgement. It was and still is my favorite place to be. Libraries has all the information and resources you could ever need under one roof. So it concerns me the dire need libraries are in.

Budget cuts. Reduce hours. Lack of resources. These are the common terms that are associated with libraries these days. We have funding to fight wars, build buildings that are completely unnecessary, but for some reason governments can never find the money to fund our libraries.

In this digital age, we need libraries more than ever. It may feel that everyone has the internet or a smartphone, but the reality is technology is still a luxury that everyone does not have access. Libraries can change that. They can bridge that digital divide by all the resources that they currently provide. So the importance of libraries is something I feel very passionate about. And I’m not saying this because I have a library science degree and work in a library. I’m saying this for the next generation of little girls or boys who will feel fulfillment by looking at those same miles and miles of books. That is something Google can never give.

This Day 2 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.