Problems of an Overworked Librarian #180

That Patron Who Still Doesn’t Understand Personal Space…

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #166

The least favorite patron enters the branch…

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #165

Waiting for a Patron On the Phone to Finish Their Story…

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #162

Every Library Interaction All Wrapped Up Into One…

Problems of an Overworked Librarian #138

Trying to explain to a patron why the computers aren’t ready for public use yet…

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Problems of a Quarantine Librarian #15

When a Patron’s Phone Reference Question Goes Too Long…


Why I Am Afraid to Go Back To Work

I wanted to share a recent story from a library in West Virginia about incident where a patron refused to abide by the library’s rules:

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #53


It is such a beautiful day outside!

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