Problems of an Overworked Librarian #33

When the cops take a long time to respond to an unruly patron…

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Fortress of Solitude

My recent trip through the English countryside was my fifth time visiting the country. I didn’t plan to visit the UK this many times. It was just a stroke of luck and an opportunity that I couldn’t pass up.

Some may think it is unusual to visit one place so many times. You may say that I am limiting my outlook and not expanding my horizons by visiting other places.

I disagree. Continue reading “Fortress of Solitude”

Problems of an Overworked Librarian #32

Trying to meet my end-of-the-year reading goal


Gifts Ideas For The Book Lover In Your Life

Unsure what to gift to get for the book lover in your life? Well, here are some ideas that will sure make you their favorite person this holiday season!


Book Map from Dorothy

A street map (loosely based onĀ London) that is made up from 600 titles from the history of literature! It has amazing titles such as Mansfield Park, To The Lighthouse, Harry Potter, Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and many more. A definite must for any book lover!Ā (I have one in my house and I love it!) Continue reading “Gifts Ideas For The Book Lover In Your Life”

Problems of an Overworked Librarian #31

“I Didn’t Know When the Book Was Due So I Shouldn’t Be Fined.”


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I reached 500 followers!

Thank you for all of your support and keep on reading!

Problems of an Overworked Librarian #30

Waiting for your next long holiday weekend…

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #29

When management visits your branch and criticizes everything you are doing…

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #28

Conversation between a librarian and Human Resources



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Human Resources:

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