Call for Submissions: Get Published in the NYPL Zine

CALLING ALL WRITERS AND ARTISTS! Submit your work in the next issue of the Library Zine: Voices from Across the New York Public Library.

This year’s theme is “Dear Future Self…”

Here is the description of the theme for the flyer:

2020 has been a tumultuous year where we have lived in “unprecedented times.” But with our last issue “Raise Your Voice,” Now that we are facing a more hopeful future the NYPL Zine is looking for creative perspectives in which our patrons see themselves approaching a “new normal.” What does the future look like to you?

We are also looking for essays about books that have impacted submitters’ future self. Maybe there was a book you read as a kid that had a big impact on your life path or maybe there is a poem that has always stuck with you. We want to hear about it!

We are looking for inventive and creative takes on self-expression and what that means to you. In this new world we are in, what would you write to yourself? We want to hear your voice, your hopes and your future dreams. We encourage submitters to please stick to the theme. Make sure to stand out from the crowd and make your title unique to your work!

NYPL Zine Team

Are you interested? Make sure to visit the NYPL Zine website to view the full submission guidelines!

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