Happy National Tea Day!

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Calling All Tea Drinkers!

Today is our day! It is National Tea Day! If you are tea lover, like myself, here are some interesting facts you may like to know…

Tea is good for you. It contains “polyphenols”, antioxidants that help repair cells, which in turn helps the human body fight out various cardiovascular diseases such as cancer and osteoporosis.


There are four major types of tea: black, green, white, and oolong. However, all four come from one plant, Camellia Sinensis. It is based on their treatment that creates the variety of teas.

Some tea grows in the United States. There are tea plantations in South Carolina and in Hawaii

Milk was poured in first to protect the delicate china from breaking due to the immense heat. Not in to get into the “milk first or last”, but now it is really up to you.

Reading tea leaves is called tasseography or tasseomancy. 



You are less likely to get a “caffeine crash” compared to coffee and soda. The high antioxidants in tea slow the absorption of caffeine, which creates a calmer increase of caffeine and a longer time of alertness without a crash at the end.

Tea absorbs moisture. Store your tea or tea bags in a sealed container.

Timing is important. You want that perfect cup of tea? Make sure the follow the instructions on the packaging. For black tea, the recommended brewing time is 3-5 minutes.

Tea didn’t come cheap. Tea was very expensive in the past. It usually was kept in a locked tea chest in the parlor.

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Tea strainers are good for the soul. Strainers or infusers give the tea leaves a chance to expand, in which in turn, produces a better quality tea.

Tea bags are good for about six months. After a while, they start to lose their flavor.

Fresh water is the best. Always use fresh water when making a pot of tea. Previously boiled water can make your tea taste flat.

Have a nice cuppa! In Britain, 165 millions cups of tea are drunk each day.


Tea and food are such a great combination. There are such great food-and-tea-parings out there (cream tea, afternoon tea). The possibilities are endless. A traditional English Tea is served at 3pm-6pm. The later the tea is served, the more food is offered.

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So to all the tea drinkers out there…
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Happy National Tea Day!!


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  1. I’m one of those weird people who own books called “Tea and Etiquette” and actually like reading this kind of stuff. With a cup of tea next to me, of course!

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