Quote of the Day – January 28, 2021

Ten Best Film/TV Austen Adaptations

Jane Austen has such a profound effect on popular culture, more than any other author. Hollywood loves adapting her books and we, the viewers, just can’t get enough of them. Although this is day is the anniversary of Austen’s death, let us not think of the bad but about the great things that would notContinue reading “Ten Best Film/TV Austen Adaptations”

Pride and Prejudice (1995): 20 Years

It is a truth universally acknowledged that twenty years ago today, the best adaptation of not only my favorite novel, but the best book adaptation ever, first premiered on television on the BBC. To celebrate, let me list some of my favorite scenes from this great adaptation: Darcy and Elizabeth’s First Interaction: Darcy and Elizabeth’sContinue reading “Pride and Prejudice (1995): 20 Years”

Joanna Trollope and the Austen Project

 The author, Joanna Trollope, stated in a recent Guardian and Daily Mail article that one of literature’s beloved characters, Mr. Darcy, most likely gained his fortune from profits of the slave trade. Here are the two articles if you like to read them: Did Mr Darcy Make His Fortune From Slavery? http://www.dailymail.co.uk/news/article-2989062/Did-Mr-Darcy-make-fortune-slave-trade-Romantic-hero-profited-misery-says-author-modernised-Jane-Austen-s-classic-work.html I’m not naive.Continue reading “Joanna Trollope and the Austen Project”