National Tea Day: Books Paired With the Perfect Brew

Today is National Tea Day in the United Kingdom and right now, more than ever, we need to celebrate this soothing beverage, since it is one of the few things that is getting us through this crisis. Continue reading “National Tea Day: Books Paired With the Perfect Brew”

Save Tea & Sympathy!

I normally don’t advocate for private businesses on my blog. However, this is one business that holds a special place in my heart. Continue reading “Save Tea & Sympathy!”

Happy National Tea Day!

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Calling All Tea Drinkers!

Today is our day! It is National Tea Day! If you are tea lover, like myself, here are some interesting facts you may like to know…

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Anxious Much? Book Lovers Guide to Relieve Anxiety


Everyday life can get overwhelming and stressful at times. This is a common emotion that happens to people most of the time. But there are some, including myself, that suffers extreme bouts of extreme emotions of stress and panic attacks that can crumple them emotionally and physically. This is an anxiety disorder that I have been dealing with since I was young. Anxiety is not something that goes away but it is an emotion that can be maintained and controlled. When I get high anxiety, there are some useful methods that cal me down and I would like to share with you, especially for those book lovers who needs new ways to relax:dies

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1. Reading – This an obvious activity. Studies have shown that reading relaxes the mind. So this a top activity to do relieve anxiety. But for the times when your anxiety reaches a high point, what I suggest is to read in a quiet place, like a nice isolated sport in a park or a quiet room in your house. Try not to read on the train or the bus (especially if you live in a big city like I do. Having peace and quiet on public transportation will be difficult). Keep your phone and computer away from you. Take that time to take a break from technology. If you like having music while reading, I advise classical music. The soothing, calming music will be relaxing.

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National Tea Day!

Before I forget…Happy National Tea Day! Enjoy your very favorite cuppa before going to bed!
What tea are you drinking (or drank) to celebrate this special occasion?

Top Ten Tuesday: What I Am Thankful For

Top Ten Tuesdays

Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by The Broke and Bookish. This week’s post is:

Thanksgiving themed Freebie — ten books I’m thankful for, authors I’m thankful for, Ten fictional families I’d like to celebrate Thanksgiving with, a personal non-bookish thankful list, etc. etc.”

I know I am almost a week late but I wanted to list all the things that I am thankful for, especially for this year…

    1. I’m thankful for my family …because who knows who would I be without them.
    2. I’m thankful for my job and finally becoming a full-time librarian…even thought it takes up a lot of my time, I still love it.television batman comics dc comics 1960s
    3. I’m thankful for Jane Austen…because without her I wouldn’t enjoy reading and books as much as I do now.


    1. I’m thankful for my writing…because without it I wouldn’t have this awesome blog. 🙂 Okkult Motion Pictures black and white vintage history business
    2. I’m thankful for health…still alive and kicking.
    3. I’m thankful for all books…how many adventures and places have I been on? books nerd library alexis bledel book store
    4. I’m thankful for my friends…my truest friends, keep in mind.
    5. I’m thankful for my home.
    6. I’m thankful for tea…I couldn’t function without it. tea food
    7. I’m thankful for libraries…where else would I get my books?


What are you thankful for this year?