Day 26: We Are All Different

Today’s challenge is to write things you like and dislike about yourself.

I could go on and on about all the things I think are positive and negative about myself. But let me honestly say what good would that do? It took me many years to finally be okay with the fact that I am not perfect. I don’t need to strive to be perfect anymore. My flaws are not a burden but characteristics that make me who I am.

However if I want to keep going on with this challenge ( I only have four more days!) I guess I should some things. But I’m not going to divide them between “likes” and “dislikes”, but just what my characteristics are:

  1. Loyal friend
  2. Can be stubborn sometimes
  3. Introvert
  4. Persistent
  5. Loving family member

We are all different and have things we may not like about ourselves. But instead of taking notice of our flaws, we should be embracing them with open arms. Just remember, this would be a very boring world if we were all exactly the same.

This Day 26 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Poem: Grateful



Jagged scars

Red and blue bruises

All your actions

All your words

Left markings on my body.

You thought brought me down

Pushed me to my breaking point.

But through my battles

through my falls,

I found myself rising,

emerging from my tears.

Now I don’t see my scars as pain.

My scars tell my story.

My bruises tell my history.

I am the Phoenix,

rising from the ashes.

Now my battle cry is loud and clear,

Every pain, every tear

Has brought me to this moment.

Now, I look in the mirror

Can only think one thing


Day 13: Body Image



How do I feel about my body? Well…

I have flat feet.

I have broad shoulders.

My thighs are thick and muscular.

I always had a curvy stature.

And you know what…there is not one damn thing I would change about myself.

But, unfortunately there are not a lot of women who feel that way and we have society to blame for that. Women, especially, have a hard time accepting their bodies. It doesn’t help when gorgeous thin models in magazines or in advertisements, such as Victoria’s Secret. It is really scary how much negative talk of body image can affect someone’s psyche, more specifically a young girl’s mind. This “idea of perfection” is hammered into their heads while they’re young and they grow up not being comfortable in their own skin.

It doesn’t look like there is no end in sight. We have social media criticizing a celebrity’s weight, even though she just had a baby. Magazines continuously photoshopping and seeing nothing wrong with it. It took me a long time for me to accept my body. If I have a daughter, how do I explain to her accept who she is even though society is telling her otherwise?

God made us in His own image. Who gave us the right to judge the “ideal” body type?

This is Day 13 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.