Book Series You Wish It Didn’t End (But Understand Why It Did)

I’m usually a one and done type of reader. I prefer standalone to books that are part of a series. It is a lot of less investment and minor disappointment for me, which has happened to me in the past. I get excited about a series, and I continue to read the books but then somewhere down the line, I become bored and disappointed at how it goes. Or worse, not showing any end in sight. So I try to stay away from book series.

But on a rare chance, I came across book series that I immediately fell in love. By the time I was immersed in its world, I was saddened to find out that the series would only be three or four books. But that isn’t necessarily a bad thing. We want our favorite things to last forever, and it’s hard to say goodbye; however, sometimes, the legacy of a series can live on due to its brevity and how well thought out it turned out to be.

So here are I list book series that I wished went on a little bit longer, but at the same time I’m glad it didn’t:

A Good Girl’s Guide…Series by Holly Jackson

One of the best YA mysteries I have ever read and I was so glad that it was a series. But although the amazing character development and realistic crime element could go on for more series, As Good As Dead was a great way to end such an exciting and compelling series and although my heart is broken at its conclusion, the excitement I felt on this amazing journey will be remembered with great fondness.

The Shadow Skye Trilogy by Joseph Elliott

As I’m not a big fan of series, fantasy series are a big N-O for me. However, if I encounter a series that has captivated my attention and enthralled, then I hold onto that series with both hands. And that is the reaction I get when I read The Shadow Skye trilogy. I fell in love with the fantasy, the characters and the history. The world-building in this series is something I have never encountered in a fantasy series before. It broke my heart when it came to an end but I think that is what makes this series so memorable. It stopped at point before it got so tiring and was able to tell a story so beautiful and poignant.

Watch me talk to Joseph Elliott about his critically acclaimed series here!

The Louisa Clark Series by Jojo Moyes

This one is different from the rest of the series listed here. Jojo Moyes did not intend for this to be a series (in fact, she doesn’t like to do sequels of her books). However, fans were clamoring to know what was next for Louisa Clark, so she decided to write two more books. I was excited and wary at first, especially since the ending to Me Before You was just beautifully done. But when I saw how Moyes captured Louisa’s gradual recovery and coming into her own in such a realistic way, this is by far one of the best series that didn’t beat down a character by overusing them. And although Moyes brought Louisa back recently, she used her the right amount and brought her loveable wit and writing style that can be enjoyed over and over again.

The Gemma Doyle Trilogy by Libba Bray

This series holds a special place in my heart. Not only is is a great supernatural series about a young girl in the Victorian era who discovers she has magical powers, but it is the series I read as a teenager and I awaited with anticipation to read the next on in the series (this series was my first preorder!). As a teen reader, I would loved this series to continue, but as I grew up and evolved as a reader, it was good it ended at three books and it gave me a chance to discover more books by Libba Bray!

Our Dreams At Dusk: Shimanami Tasogare Series by Yuhki Kamatani

It’s odd for a manga series to end at 4 volumes but this one does. However, just because this manga is only 4 volumes, Our Dreams At Dusk packed in so much in these volumes that even though it is a small story compared to the other manga series out there, the storytelling is wonderful and a series that I always encourage young and older readers to try out. Could the series been longer? Sure. Should it be? I think the series is perfect the way it is and the conclusion is what most YA novels should appeal to do.

Satoko and Nada Series by Yupechika

Here is another manga series that ends at 4 volumes but is still as memorable and definitely relatable! Two roommates from different cultures live together during college and learn more about each other and their customs? I wish the world can be this understanding and have the willingness to learn from one another. The series probably decided to keep it at four books to reflect the college years but I still think four was enough. It gives you a chance to really identify with the Satoko, Nada and the other characters that you will find loveable.

Is there a favorite book series you wished it didn’t end but you are also glad it did? Share in the comments below!

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