Jojo Moyes Releases a New Short Story

Jojo Moyes has released an exclusive story based on the character Louisa Clark from the Me Before You trilogy.

The title is Lou in Lockdown and focuses on Louisa Clark forced to stay at home with her parents and separated from her boyfriend, Sam, due to the pandemic. Here is a lovely note that was sent from Moyes to her readers:

Hi everyone,

I didn’t have any plans to revisit Lou Clark after the end of the Me Before You trilogy. But I, like many people, have struggled my way through this pandemic, and it gradually occurred to me that writing about how Lou and her family coped with Lockdown would be the perfect way to bring a bit of cheer to those of you who loved her, during a tricky few months for all of us. She made me laugh and smile (and even well up a little) while I worked on this story, and I hope very much that you enjoy reading it as much as I did writing it.

I hope that you’re all holding up OK and that reading about Lou brings you a little bit of joy in these uncertain times. Stay safe.

Jojo x

I just finished reading this story and this is what I needed to uplift myself. Such a heartwarming and touching story that gives us the sense of community that we desperately need.

You can read the short story here.

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