Book Review: One Night Only by Catherine Walsh

Format: Paperback

Pages: 314 pages

Published: July 27, 2021

Publisher: Bookouture

Genre: Contemporary Romance, Woman’s Fiction


Who could have predicted this? Being at the same wedding. In Ireland. There’s a reason one-night stands are one-night stands. You’re not supposed to see each other again, especially not when you’re the maid of honor, and he’s the groom’s brother…

Sarah Anderson has never been more excited about anything in her life. She’s going to her best friend’s wedding. And not just any wedding. An Irish wedding. Goodbye New York, hello rolling green hills and men with beautiful accents and twinkling eyes.

But Sarah should have known that not all guests are fairy-tale princes…

There’s the chinless Uncle Trevor, whose idea of small talk is to claim climate change is a conspiracy.

Then there’s Great Aunt Eileen, who doesn’t talk at all (she’s too busy replacing the hotel cutlery with her own set).

Worst of all, there’s Declan Murphy. Best man. Brother of the groom. And the man Sarah last saw naked.

Is there anything more mortifying than bumping into a one-night stand halfway across the world? Especially as Declan seems determined to embarrass Sarah at every turn. At least when the wedding’s over she’ll never have to see him again.

But, back in New York, Sarah finds the more she tries to forget Declan, the more she can’t shake the thought of that infuriatingly charming smile and the way he wears a tux…

Was he really just for one night only, or might Declan Murphy be The One?

If you are looking for a lovely summer (and steamy) romance to snuggle up with, this is one novel you definitely one to try out!

Sarah Andersen is excited to attend a wedding. Not only is it a wedding for her best friend, but the wedding is in Ireland! Time for her to have some fun! And her first taste of fun is having a one night stand with a handsome and charming man named Declan. Sarah has a strict policy with men: one and done. So it comes to Sarah surprise and horror when she meets her one night stand at the wedding she’s attending, as the best man. And from there, readers are taken on a romantic journey where sometimes your one and done can become your one and only. Sarah is like your typical romantic heroine. Her ideas on romance may not be typical in the romance genre but I think that is what readers will like about her. She is a take charge woman, especially with her relationships, so she matches with the 21st century modern woman. But she makes the same mistakes (and the stubbornness) that most romantic heroines make when they chase romance so readers would find this lovable and humorous a joy to read.

Perfect for fans of Beth O’Leary and Sophie Kinsella, One Night Only is one humorous and smartly done book that is a perfect joy to bring to the beach. Make sure to have cool drink by your side because you’ll need something to cool yourself down after those steamy sexy scenes!

Author Bio:

Catherine Walsh was born and raised in Ireland. She has a degree in Popular Literature and the only prize she ever won for writing was at the age of 14 in school (but she still cherishes it.) 

She lived in London for a few years where she worked in Publishing and the non-profit sector before returning to Dublin where she now lives between the mountains and the sea. When not writing she is trying and failing to not kill her houseplants.



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