Cup of Tea Talks About Anne

I had a great opportunity to be a guest on my friend’s podcast Perennials Podcast Book Club, where she has been reading chapters of the children’s classic, Anne of Green Gables. After her reading, she gives a nice commentary and invites other readers to come on the episode to discuss their thoughts on the read chapter and I was so lucky and honored to be part of it!

Here’s a description of the episode:

In Chapter 31 of Anne of Green Gables, Anne leaves behind her last summer as a little girl, refreshed and ready to enter rigorously into her studies — and into her teenage years. Taller, quieter, and less ready to use big words, Anne starts to study hard and socialize outside of Green Gables more. Marilla feels an unfamiliar sadness when she realizes Anne is taller than her.

In today’s reflections, I’m joined by Tabrizia Jones, a NY Public Library librariean and previous Perennials guest who talks with me about the pressures and expectations of teenage years; why Miss. Stacy gives good writing advice; and the destination Tabrizia would have run to if she had cut school like she wanted to when she was fifteen. 

Perennials Podcast Book Club

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