Listen To My Appearance on “The Conversation”!

It’s rare when the shoe is on the other foot and I am in the interviewee hot seat. But when I am, it is always a pleasurable experience. I hadContinue reading “Listen To My Appearance on “The Conversation”!”

Author Talk with Bonnets at Dawn

Didn’t manage to make the Bonnets at Dawn author talk I conducted last week ? You are in luck! The full discussion is now available online. If you love listeningContinue reading “Author Talk with Bonnets at Dawn”

Author Talk with Bonnets at Dawn

Here is another great event honoring Women’s History Month and it is happening this week! Join me this Friday, March 24 at 3:30 PM where I will be in discussionContinue reading “Author Talk with Bonnets at Dawn”

Cup of Tea Talks About Anne

I had a great opportunity to be a guest on my friend’s podcast Perennials Podcast Book Club, where she has been reading chapters of the children’s classic, Anne of GreenContinue reading “Cup of Tea Talks About Anne”

Podcasts to Release Your Inner Calm

Are you trying to take your mind off the current situations but it appears that news outlets and the rest of television seems to talk of nothing but? If youContinue reading “Podcasts to Release Your Inner Calm”

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