Best Books of 2023…So Far: Mysteries

Welcome to another round of the Best Books of the Year so Far, where halfway through the year, I name the titles I read that I feel are the best of 2023 so far. Just like last year, I will be listing the books by different genre and format. So stay tuned every Thursday throughout the rest of this month, catch my favorite reads of 2023 that you want to keep your eye on!

The Trap by Catherine Ryan Howard

Watch out; I have a new author on my “must-buy” list. Catherine Ryan Howard returns with a twisty and compelling thriller that will hook readers from beginning to end. A roller coaster thriller of a ride that will leave you disheveled and satisfied that you read an exciting mystery that has so many twists and turns, brought to you by a fantastic author that brings it out the best.

The Drift by C.J. Tudor

Although I have to read something uplifting after this one, this is one the most innovative thrillers I’ve read in awhile. Full of suspense and horror, Tudor takes you on a ride with this edge of your seat apocalyptic thriller. With the amazing ability of using genre blending, readers will have a fun time figuring out how the three perspectives connect in this horrific puzzle.

Those People Next Door by Kia Abdullah

This was my first Kia Abdullah book, and after reading this compelling and thrilling story, it definitely will not be the last. Who never knew having an ongoing battle with your neighbour could be so deadly? “Those People Next Door” takes an interesting look into how far humans will go to protect themselves and the ones they love. It was poignant and thought-provoking and provided a twist that no one, including myself, will not see coming. An excellent read for thriller fans and readers looking for books that are great conversation starters. ⁠

The Twyford Code by Janice Hallett

Absolutely loved this one! Hallett has another winner here! This page turner of a mystery may have you scratching your heads, but in a good way! Hallett has created a unique mystery that is amazingly clever but a story that is full of heartbreak and tenderness as well. For readers who love doing puzzles and you will find this to be a “cracking” good read!

Bad Kids by Zijin Chen

THE PERFECT CRIME DOESN’T EXIST…One beautiful morning, Zhang Dongsheng pushes his wealthy in-laws off a remote mountain.It’s the perfect crime. Or so he thinks.For Zhang did not expect that 3 kids would catch him in the act while they’re working on a photography project. When an opportunity for blackmail presents itself the trio start down a dark path that will lead to the unravelling of all their lives. (Credit: Pushkin Vertigo)

Red Queen by Juan Gomez-Jurado

Watch out  Mystery Fans, we have a new favorite detective, and her name is Antonia Scott. I think of Scott as a tie between Sherlock Holmes and Temperance Brennan. She adds something exciting to the collection, and if you are looking for something heart-thumping and intriguing to read, you want to pick up “Red Queen.” Jurado brings something new and exciting to the mystery genre with this first installment. Thriller Fans will find a hard time putting this one down and have a hard time waiting a year to read the next installment (it comes out March 2024 😭).

She Started It by Sian Gilbert

Get ready to read about a party to die for. This fast paced thriller will be the perfect thing to bring with you the beach this summer. An exciting debut and a perfect read for fans of Lucy Foley and Amanda Jayatissa, this is full of so many twists and turns that will leave your head spinning. You will love to hate characters and every tawdry secret that comes out of their deadly meeting. If you need a book to entertain you for the summer, then this one needs to be on your list!

Stay tune for next week where I will give the best of 2023 so far in the Fiction category!

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