Blog Post: YA Novels Are Not Just For Teens

I recently wrote a blog post for the book website, MyVLF, discussing about many YA Novels from great authors like Sarah Crossan, Dean Atta, Manjeet Mann and so much more!

The Teenage/Young Adult genre doesn’t always have the best reputation but over the past few years, the genre has produced revolutionary writing and amazing talent that is just as entertaining and intriguing as Adult fiction. In my time as a YA librarian, I have noticed that most YA books are capable of conveying as much emotion, empathy and entertainment as Adult Fiction, if not more so. Now, more than ever, YA fiction writers are creating stories that approach poignant and relevant issues which general fiction has not begun to address. So if you are willing to begin that journey into the world of YA fiction and you don’t know where to start, here are some exciting book recommendations that will leave you enthralled and want to read more books in the YA genre…

Read the full blog post here.

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