#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge: Wrap Up

#ReadingMyLibrary Challenge

Well, that’s it! That is an end of very eventful and productive challenge. I didn’t get to read as many library books I planned. But I did save a lot of money for borrowing these library books (especially since three of the books I read were hardcovers):

  • Reconstructing Amelia – List Price: $25.99
  • The Girl on the Train – List Price: $26.95
  • Emma: A Modern Retelling – List Price: $25.95
  • The Daughter – List Price: $14.99 (I  haven’t finished this one yet but I’m including it)

Total Savings for the month: $93.88

Don’t get me wrong I love buying books. But as you see with the prices above, books can be a real expense. I mean, look I saved close to $100 in one month, just imagine if we calculate it for the savings for the year. This just proves how useful and beneficial libraries. I just wish more people see it that way.

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