Quote of the Day – July 3, 2018

Ten Ways A Book Lover Prepares For A Vacation

Summer is winding down. What is the logical thing to do? Go on vacation! That is what I’ll be doing. So, since I am going on vacation (back to England again!!) in two weeks, I thought I would share the ways of how a book lover, like myself, prepares to go on vacation…

22 Places In The UK that Jane Austen Fans Must Visit

BuzzFeed compiled a list of beautiful places that every Jane Austen fan should visit. And if I had the money, I would be hopping on a plane right now. Check them out (not in any particular order): 1. Jane Austen House Museum, Hampshire No list can be complete without putting the Jane Austen House Museum.Continue reading “22 Places In The UK that Jane Austen Fans Must Visit”