I want to apologize for not updating as of late. I recently had some tragic events (my grandfather passing away and my beloved pet passing away a few weeks later) that has prevented me from posting as much as I would like.

It has been a hard couple of weeks so please bear with me. You’ll probably see me write more because I use my writing as a source of therapy.

Thanks again for continuing to read my blog!


(P.S. Like the photo? I placed it in because I wish I was doing that right now.)

Twinkle in Your Smile

You raise us up in the air

Our laughter gives us joy

Your smile widens

Our happiness brightens

The first time we see

The twinkle in your eye


Your visits overflow with our accomplishments

We sing

We draw

Piano keys are graced with our fingers

Your joy rises and brings

A twinkle in your eye


Time goes on

We both grow

Visits become less

But once we see each other

We yell out your name

Length of time is all but forgot

All that matters is

The twinkle in our eyes


Pain has a stronghold on us

Now that you’re gone

But our memories must endure

We will remember

The strength you gave

The happiness you bestowed

All of this we will recollect

With a twinkle in our eye

In remembrance of my grandfather, Elwood Ashe