Your Guide of Indie Bookstores in NYC

Yesterday was a day to rejoice book lovers! It was Independent Bookstore Day, an annual party that celebrates the uniqueness and the independent nature of indie bookstores. They are more than just businesses, they are community centers and local staples for passionate book lovers. In the time of technology, it is important we express the importanceContinue reading “Your Guide of Indie Bookstores in NYC”

Shakespeare or Not Shakespeare? That is the Question

William Shakespeare is the man of many faces. No, I mean literally. There are disputes on what he really looked like. Just take a look at the portraits below: But botanist and historian Mark Griffiths  claims that he has finally discovered the “true face of Shakespeare” in an engraving in a book called The HerballContinue reading “Shakespeare or Not Shakespeare? That is the Question”

Can special libraries be too “out of touch”?

As National Library Week is coming to a close, we reflect on all the things that are libraries have done for us. At the same time, libraries across the country have also been showing their appreciation for what they do for their communities. For example this great parody: But as I saw libraries celebrating their existence,Continue reading “Can special libraries be too “out of touch”?”