Poem of the Week: In A Matter of Hours, In Matter of One Day

Welcome to Poem of the Week, an annual feature on this blog that celebrates National Poetry Month. Every Sunday, in the month of April, start the week off with an uplifting poem and discovery why poetry still matters.

And another year goes by…

Oh the year 2016! It has been…ok, I’m not going to sugar coat it. 2016 kind of sucked. The presidential election that appeared to have no end, devastating terrorist attacks, Brexit, the result of the presidential election, numerous amounts of notable deaths…people are just itching for this year to end. But before we abruptly closeContinue reading “And another year goes by…”

Poem: In A Matter of Hours, In A Matter of a Day

I wrote this poem in reflection of what has happened with the result of the Presdiential Election. I want to say that this is my OPINION and how I FEEL. I respect you ideals at least of all you can respect mine.   In a matter of hours In a matter of one day OurContinue reading “Poem: In A Matter of Hours, In A Matter of a Day”