And another year goes by…

Oh the year 2016! It has been…ok, I’m not going to sugar coat it. 2016 kind of sucked. The presidential election that appeared to have no end, devastating terrorist attacks, Brexit, the result of the presidential election, numerous amounts of notable deaths…people are just itching for this year to end. But before we abruptly close the book on this year, let us take time to examine the past and what changes we can do for the future.

What this year taught us that we cannot sit back continuously allow the same mistakes and problems that constantly plagues our country or worldwide. We, the people, need to start doing things differently, especially if we want society to move into a new direction. I believe we are stagnating with our values but these helpful suggestions may push towards the right direction…

1. We Need To Read More – I don’t know how else to stress this. Trump was yelling out “Make America Great Again”. What about “Make America Read Again”? They are a lot of ignorant, uneducated people out there that don’t know about the world around them, due to their lack of reading. So for those who already read, keep it up! As it has been said, books are our true weapons. For those who don’t or don’t do enough, what’s stopping you? Learn about the world that’s around you, the different cultures that are in the world. I believe education is going to vital in 2017 and we cannot do that without reading.  Continue reading “And another year goes by…”

Poem: In A Matter of Hours, In A Matter of a Day

I wrote this poem in reflection of what has happened with the result of the Presdiential Election. I want to say that this is my OPINION and how I FEEL. I respect you ideals at least of all you can respect mine.


In a matter of hours
In a matter of one day
Our hope burned out
The rights we hold dear to our hearts
Disappeared like a ghost in the night
The young’s eyes, filled with exuberance and innocence
Look up into our own, asking us “Why?”
“Why did we do this?”
Our silence speaks volumes
As the dark cloud hovers
In a matter of hours
In a matter of one day

The King’s dream
The stem of our fight for change
Our cause for hope
A laughingstock amongst arrogant men
The lady in green
A symbol of freedom and dreams
Now shivers in fear
Uncertain of what is to come
The flag, waving proudly in the heavens
Lost all meaning
In a matter of hours
In a matter of one day

The media says “Accept”
The media say “We must unite”
The media does not say “We’re sorry”
The idolized, used, benefited
Not once seeing the truth
The trust has gone
The pain lingers
In a matter of hours
In a matter of a day

I feel lost
I am angry
I feel empty
My country is gone
My heart is shattered
This heavy cloud has told me
It’s not okay that I’m me
It’s not okay that my family are here
My friends are different  when we are one in the same
Now, we must wait
Our uncertain future lurks around the corner
All the progress we made
All the hope we accomplished
In just one hour
In just one day