Quote of the Day – March 15, 2023

National Poetry Day 2020

Today is National Poetry Day! It is safe to say that this year we needed poetry to soothe and calm us of our anxiety and fears that we have been feeling lately. It is important now more than ever to enjoy, discover and share poetry. This year I have just done that. I have comeContinue reading “National Poetry Day 2020”

Poem of the Week: A Hymn to the Evening by Phillis Wheatley

Welcome to Poem of the Week, an annual feature on this blog that celebrates National Poetry Month. Every Sunday, in the month of April, start the week off with an uplifting poem and discovery why poetry still matters.

Quote of the Day – March 21, 2019

Poem of the Week: On Imagination by Phillis Wheatley

Thy various works, imperial queen, we see,     How bright their forms! how deck’d with pomp by thee! Thy wond’rous acts in beauteous order stand, And all attest how potent is thine hand.

Book Review: Poems of Phillis Wheatley by Phillis Wheatley

Format: Paperback Pages: 108 pages Published: April 1, 2995 Publisher: Applewood Books Genre: Poetry