Quote of the Day – April 8, 2023

Friday Debate: Can We Separate the Artist From the Art?

Welcome to Friday Debate, a feature on cup of tea with that book, please, where every Friday a question will be posted that tantalize the brain and expands our horizons.

Quote of the Day – January 19, 2018

May your coming year be filled with magic and dreams and good madness. I hope you read some fine books and kiss someone who thinks you’re wonderful, and don’t forgetContinue reading “Quote of the Day – January 19, 2018”

Quote of the Day – January 16, 2018

A man should hear a little music, read a little poetry, and see a fine picture every day of his life, in order that worldly cares may not obliterate theContinue reading “Quote of the Day – January 16, 2018”

Weekly Tea Discussion: Why Are People Afraid of the Arts?

Two days ago, President Trump announced a proposal budget that would cut funding to arts and education programs. This would propel the elimination of four independent cultural agencies – theContinue reading “Weekly Tea Discussion: Why Are People Afraid of the Arts?”

NetGalley Buys Bookish

  NetGalley has acquired the Bookish.com website and associate brands and trademarks. No price was disclosed. Read more at Publishers Weekly

Day 10: Shuffle Play

Wow! I made it to day 10! I’m really enjoying these challenges. It’s really bringing out my creative and opinionated side. Well, here we go. Here are the ten songs IContinue reading “Day 10: Shuffle Play”

Day 6: Mainstreaming Music

My views on mainstream music are followed by just one statement: listen to what you like.Some are good, some are bad. But music, like art, have always been opinionated. MyContinue reading “Day 6: Mainstreaming Music”

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