Problems of a Quarantine Librarian #8

Home Life…When the Work Starts to Become Monotonous

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Problems of a Quarantine Librarian #7

When the virtual meetings become monotonous…

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Problems of a Quarantine Librarian #6

Planning a Virtual Summer Reading…

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Problems of a Quarantine Librarian #5

When Your Internet/Computer Breaks Down for the Umpteenth Time:

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Problems of a Quarantine Librarian #3

After Doing Day Full of Virtual Meetings and Webinars, You Get An Email…About Another Webinar…

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Problems of a Quarantine Librarian #2

You start hating emails when “Reply All” becomes a thing…

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Problems of a Quarantine Librarian #1

Since my library is closed, funny interactions with the public is very limited. So for the time being, I revamped Problems of an Overworked Librarian and temporarily changed it to Problems of a Quarantine Librarian, all the antics and issues that I am dealing with during this lockdown:

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Problems of an Overworked Librarian #129

When a patron starts approaching you with bad breath…