Indie Booksellers Outraged Over Decision to Launch “Marlon Bundo” on Amazon

Marlon Bundo maybe making the bestseller list but to some independent booksellers, they feel were not given the chance to reap the benefits.

Amazon Books Won’t Bring Indie Bookstores to Their Knees

When I first heard that Amazon was opening bookstores, this was my initial reaction: By creating their online business, Amazon has cornered a huge market of book buying which most of the purchasing is done online. So why would Amazon take the risk of opening a brick and mortar bookstore, especially when a lot ofContinue reading “Amazon Books Won’t Bring Indie Bookstores to Their Knees”

Your Guide of Indie Bookstores in NYC

Yesterday was a day to rejoice book lovers! It was Independent Bookstore Day, an annual¬†party that celebrates the uniqueness and the independent nature of indie bookstores. They are more than just businesses, they are community centers and local staples for passionate book lovers. In the time of technology, it is important we express the importanceContinue reading “Your Guide of Indie Bookstores in NYC”

Book Haul from Independent Bookstore Day

Happy Independent Bookstore Day! Hope all of you manage to venture out to support your favorite local bookstore. I went to the Strand Bookstore in New York City (if any of you visit New York, you need to visit Strand Bookstore, it is a booklover’s dream). I went on a little shopping spree (which isContinue reading “Book Haul from Independent Bookstore Day”

Weekly Tea Discussion: Amazon vs. Bookstores

  Welcome to the first week of Weekly Tea Discussion! In honor of Independent Bookstore Day this Saturday, I thought we talk about Amazon and independent bookstores. When the whole Amazon and Hachette dispute over e-book pricing that occurred last year, I watched everyone, from writers and readers alike, attacking Amazon, especially criticizing their actionsContinue reading “Weekly Tea Discussion: Amazon vs. Bookstores”

Day 23: 10 Things I Miss

1. I miss the vast amount of independent bookstores in the city. 2. Peeps all year round. 3. I miss the “original” Strongbow, not this sweetened Americanized Strongbow they’re pushing on us. 4. Movie tickets costing $5.00 or $.6.00. 5. I miss when classic books were at a decent price, like those Bantam Classic BooksContinue reading “Day 23: 10 Things I Miss”