Quote of the Day – April 8, 2017

The holly is dark when the rose-briar blooms

But which will bloom most constantly?”

-Emily Bronte

Book Review: The Night is Darkening Around Me by Emily Bronte

wp-1477534062038.jpgFormat:  Paperback

Pages: 55 pages

Published: February 26, 2015

Publisher: Penguin Little Black Classics

Genre: Poetry

When I first heard that Penguin was releasing Little Black Classics, I was disappointed they would not be available. So when I made my trip across the pond and saw them in a bookstore, I grabbed the opportunity to grab as many little black books that I could. One of them was Emily Bronte’s The Night is Darkening Round Me.

The only thing I read by Emily Bronte was Wuthering Heights.  I know most of her writings were poems and I never got a chance to read them until now and I am glad I did. These poems were great! You can feel the brutal honesty and see the vivid imagery while reading these poems. Bronte gives a variety of things you may be looking for in a poem: death, love, nature…it is all here. Some of the poems were haunting but yet so beautiful. They are not so many poems that leave me so captivated. I knew she was a great writer but never how great at poetry she truly was! And reading ties in perfectly with Halloween, so if you are looking for a Halloween gothic read, you are looking at the right book.

Just to show you what I mean, I will end this review with one of the great poems in this book:

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Quote of the Day – October 23, 2016

Emily Brontë cropped.jpg
A portrait of Emily Bronte painted by her brother, Branwell Bronte (c. 1833)

“I die but when the grave shall press
The heart so long endeared to thee
When earthy cares no more distress
And earthy joys are nought to me.

-Emily Bronte