Quote of the Day- August 8, 2021

Top Memorable Literary Fathers

Today is Father’s Day and while we recognize how great our own fathers are, let’s take a break and recognize these¬†memorable literary fathers, with comforting words on the side (someContinue reading “Top Memorable Literary Fathers”

Quote of the Day- December 25, 2020

Reading Ghost Stories: A Christmas Tradition

While ghost stories are primarily connected with Halloween, reading ghost stories on Christmas is a tradition that goes back to Victorian times. Of course, there is the famous Christmas ghostContinue reading “Reading Ghost Stories: A Christmas Tradition”

Quote of the Day – December 23, 2020

Quote of the Day – December 2, 2019

‚ÄúChristmas is a time in which, of all times in the year, the memory of every remediable sorrow, wrong, and trouble in the world around us, should be active withContinue reading “Quote of the Day – December 2, 2019”

Great Holiday Reads

All your shopping and cooking is done, now it is time to wind down, sit in your comfiest chair and snuggle up with a good book. And there is noContinue reading “Great Holiday Reads”

Quote of the Day – December 1, 2018

Quote of the Day – October 16, 2018

Quote of the Day – December 18, 2016

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