Introducing StoryGraph and 2021 Reading Challenges!

Calling all book lovers! Are you tired of using Goodreads or want to receive more accurate data on your reading habits? Then let me introduce you to a website that is a like a dream come true for us: StoryGraph.

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Reading Challenge 2018: How Far I’ve Gotten

Reading Challenge 2018

It’s June already and that means we are halfway through 2018! Before we start basking in the beauty of what is summer, let’s look at how far we made it through our reading challenges! Continue reading “Reading Challenge 2018: How Far I’ve Gotten”

Day 30: Something I’m Excited For

wpid-0429151243.jpgMy future. For my life to finally take off.

I mean I have my job and my own home. But sometimes, I feel that there is something else out there waiting for me. I feel that there is a whole pool of possibilities out there for me and they are waiting for me to just dive right in.

I’m ready to be a full-blown librarian. The time of being an assistant or non-existent in a workplace is over. I have all the education and capabilities of a librarian and should be treated as one.

Maybe I’ll finish my novel and it will finally get published. Maybe I’ll finally get a chance to leave New York and get to live in England full-time.

This gist is I don’t know what the future holds for me. That does terrify me, not knowing what will happen. But in the same way, it exhilarates me. I no longer fear something I have no control over. God knows what my path will be and God alone will lead me towards the right one.

My future may be uncertain or unknown to me. But there is one thing a crystal ball can show or tell me to do.

Be happy.

And that is all I can ask for.

This is Day 30 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Wrap Up: April 2015


Can you believe that it is already the end of April? I have this feeling that the year just got started. Anyway, I digress and can’t wait for May to begin. I have great things lined up.

But first, let us recap this month. I think I have done more reading this month than I usually did in the past. Two of them were great reads and one really bad one. But when you have a collection of books to read, there is always one bad apple in the bunch. You can read my reviews of the books I read below:

Reconstructing Amelia by Kimberly McCreight

The Girl on the Train by Paula Hawkins

Emma: A Modern Retelling by Alexander McCall Smith

Three books read this month is good but I think I can do better. Out of these three, Reconstructing Amelia was my favorite. The Girl on the Train would have made it if there weren’t so many inconsistencies.

Currently reading

I am going to be a typical college student and try to read three books at once:

Emma by Jane Austen

The Daughter by Jane Shemlit

The Sound of Glass by Karen White

I read Emma before but after reading that travesty of McCall’s version of Emma, I knew I had to go back to the original. Hopefully, I will be successful in reading three books at the same time and have a review for you guys in the next coming weeks. Continue reading “Wrap Up: April 2015”

Day 27: Quote I Live By

I live by many but this is most likely my favorite :


This is Day 27 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Day 25: Job Prospects

Like I previously mentioned before, I work in a special collections library and had the same library assistant position for the past three years. I earned my MLS in January 2014.

Lately, I have been worried about my job. My job is covered by a union. I can’t get promoted and I can’t get a raise. And top of that, I feel a little disinterested in what I do. I feel that since I have a MLS, I should be a librarian position by now.

Now don’t get me wrong. I love working in a library. If I honestly think about it, working in a library has probably been a lifelong dream. But lately I’ have been second thoughts about working in any special collections library, even though my library degree had a concentration in rare books and special concentration librarianship. Sometimes I wonder if I concentrated on public librarianship, would I be in a better place?

I’m also worried about my qualifications. With the steep qualifications I have been seeing in most job postings, I have doubted that I have the right qualifications for a job to work in another special collections library. So I’m really worried that I will be stuck with a job I don’t that I’m dissatisfied with because there is nothing else out there for me.

There are probably some people out there who are saying “What is she complaining about? She has a job!” But I love working in a library. Shouldn’t I love the position I have in it?

This is Day 25 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Day 24: Austen’s Funniest Quotes


Since I think Jane Austen is the funniest, wittiest writer I know, I decided to write down her top 5 phrases I feel are funny:

1. “Pictures of perfection make me sick and wicked.”

2. “She had a lively disposition, which delighted in anything ridiculous.”

3. “I do not want people to be very agreeable, as it saves me the trouble of liking them a great deal.”

4. “People always live forever when there is annuity to be paid them.”

5. “Oh! do not attack me with your watch. A watch is always too fast or too slow. I cannot be dictated to by a watch.”

This is Day 24 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Day 23: 10 Things I Miss

1. I miss the vast amount of independent bookstores in the city.
Coliseum Books (Closed since 2007)

2. Peeps all year round.

3. I miss the “original” Strongbow, not this sweetened Americanized Strongbow they’re pushing on us.

4. Movie tickets costing $5.00 or $.6.00.

5. I miss when classic books were at a decent price, like those Bantam Classic Books


6. I miss London.


7. I miss not having to worry about taxes…or bills…or anything about being an adult.

stephen colbert animated GIF

8. I miss Smallville

smallville animated GIF

9. Oddly enough, sometimes I miss college.
Hunter College

10. I miss my grandma.

My grandmother (left) and my cousin Rhonda (right)


.This is Day 23 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Day 21: My Future

I don’t know what my future holds for me. The only person who knows that is God and I’m in no rush for him to tell me.

Of course I would like to get married and have a family. But right now, I’m not trying to put so much focus on it. I really look more to the future for financial reasons and career wise. Hopefully I would like to be further in my career, in whatever I choose to do. Lately I have been disillusioned with my current job and hopefully that will get solved in the near future.

But in whatever I choose, whatever I do, the one most important thing I need to be is happy. Because if I’m not happy, then what is the point of doing any of it at all?

This Day 21 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.

Day 20: Ten Fears of a Book Lover

1. Your carrying your book around and didn’t notice that you water bottle was leaking.

2015-04-21 21.14.37

2. You lend a book to your friend and never getting it back.

3. Worse, you get the book and its in worse condition than it was before.

4. You forgot your book at home and you’re going on a train…or a bus, or a plane.

frustrated animated GIF

5. Your book is close to falling apart because you read it so many times.

6. Eating anywhere near your book, especially if it’s your favorite.

7.Hearing that there will be a Hollywood adaptation of your favorite novel.

upset animated GIF

8. Your favorite author delays their upcoming book in a series.

work animated GIF

9. The nightlight goes out by your nightstand and you don’t have an extra light bulb.


10. You ran out of tea.

sad animated GIF

This is Day 20 of the 30 Day Writing Challenge.