Cup of Tea’s 2023 Reading Challenge

We are only TWO days away from the first day of 2023 and you are probably trying to figure out your next reading will be. Don’t fret! The Cup of Tea’s Reading Challenge 2023 that will not only introduce you to new books and genres but help you tackle your TBR pile. Just like lastContinue reading “Cup of Tea’s 2023 Reading Challenge”

Cup of Tea’s 2022 Reading Challenge

It’s the first day of the year and that means the first day of a reading challenge! Try Cup of Tea’s Reading Challenge 2022 that will not only introduce you to new books and genres but help you tackle your TBR pile. Just like last year, I created the challenge on StoryGraph, where you canContinue reading “Cup of Tea’s 2022 Reading Challenge”

Introducing StoryGraph and 2021 Reading Challenges!

Calling all book lovers! Are you tired of using Goodreads or want to receive more accurate data on your reading habits? Then let me introduce you to a website that is a like a dream come true for us: StoryGraph.

Reading Challenge 2018: How Far I’ve Gotten

It’s June already and that means we are halfway through 2018! Before we start basking in the beauty of what is summer, let’s look at how far we made it through our reading challenges!

Day 30: Something I’m Excited For

My future. For my life to finally take off. I mean I have my job and my own home. But sometimes, I feel that there is something else out there waiting for me. I feel that there is a whole pool of possibilities out there for me and they are waiting for me to justContinue reading “Day 30: Something I’m Excited For”

Wrap Up: April 2015

Can you believe that it is already the end of April? I have this feeling that the year just got started. Anyway, I digress and can’t wait for May to begin. I have great things lined up. But first, let us recap this month. I think I have done more reading this month than IContinue reading “Wrap Up: April 2015”

Day 25: Job Prospects

Like I previously mentioned before, I work in a special collections library and had the same library assistant position for the past three years. I earned my MLS in January 2014. Lately, I have been worried about my job. My job is covered by a union. I can’t get promoted and I can’t get a raise.Continue reading “Day 25: Job Prospects”

Day 24: Austen’s Funniest Quotes

Since I think Jane Austen is the funniest, wittiest writer I know, I decided to write down her top 5 phrases I feel are funny: 1. “Pictures of perfection make me sick and wicked.” 2. “She had a lively disposition, which delighted in anything ridiculous.” 3. “I do not want people to be very agreeable,Continue reading “Day 24: Austen’s Funniest Quotes”

Day 23: 10 Things I Miss

1. I miss the vast amount of independent bookstores in the city. 2. Peeps all year round. 3. I miss the “original” Strongbow, not this sweetened Americanized Strongbow they’re pushing on us. 4. Movie tickets costing $5.00 or $.6.00. 5. I miss when classic books were at a decent price, like those Bantam Classic BooksContinue reading “Day 23: 10 Things I Miss”