Book Festivals Move Online

The COVID-19 pandemic has caused many literary festivals to be cancelled this year. But this unfortunate circumstance have brought a new opportunity to bring the book community together during thisContinue reading “Book Festivals Move Online”

BookCon 2017: A Disappointing Recap

BookCon has come and gone for the year 2017 and for the second time I was able to attend this time around. My rating for my second appearance at BookCon?Continue reading “BookCon 2017: A Disappointing Recap”

Wrap-up: May 2015

Well it’s already the beginning of June. We have to be careful because before we know it it’ll be December 31. So far, May was a pretty busy month forContinue reading “Wrap-up: May 2015”

BookCon 2015

  BookCon finally arrived this weekend and I had a great time! I met so many authors, attended interesting discussion panels, and received so many free books (a definite plus)Continue reading “BookCon 2015”

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