A Year in Books: 2017

Let’s celebrate another year of reading! Another long year has gone, but 2017 may be full of strife and hardship, at least we had a lot of  great books to keep us sane through this hectic time. This year, more than ever, was where the importance of reading really shined. This year of reading wasContinue reading “A Year in Books: 2017”

Wrap-Up: October 2016

I know I am a couple of days late but I didn’t want to ignore the progress I mad so far. This month I made my triumphant return to the blog last month. I may not have made many posts but I think I did some great posts last month and they are more toContinue reading “Wrap-Up: October 2016”

Wrap-Up: September 2015

I know I am a week late and I haven’t been posting lately but I have my reasons. I started a new job! As a librarian! So all last month was basically doing training and learning new things, which is great but unfortunately it gives me little time to update this blog so I wantContinue reading “Wrap-Up: September 2015”

Wrap-Up: August 2015

I’m proud of myself this month. I actually read 7 books in August. I mean, I was on vacation and had some down time but still a huge accomplishment for me. This month’s reading gave me a lot more winners than I had in the previous months so maybe my reading slump is improving aContinue reading “Wrap-Up: August 2015”

Wrap-up: July 2015

Unfortunately, I didn’t read as many books I would have like to, due to trying to prepare for my vacation but I like to think I made pretty good progress for the year. Since I’ve read so many books so far for this year, I changed my reading goal from 30 to 35! I thinkContinue reading “Wrap-up: July 2015”

Wrap Up: June 2015

I can’t believe that tomorrow will already be July! This month has went by too fast. But as June comes and goes, summer comes into full swing which gives us more opportunities to catch up on our reading. Although this was relatively a quiet month compared to last, I didn’t get to do as muchContinue reading “Wrap Up: June 2015”