Cup of Tea’s Social Media Platforms

The social media atmosphere is always changing and new platforms are always popping up. But I though it would be helpful to share again where you can find cup ofContinue reading “Cup of Tea’s Social Media Platforms”

Listen To My Appearance on “The Conversation”!

It’s rare when the shoe is on the other foot and I am in the interviewee hot seat. But when I am, it is always a pleasurable experience. I hadContinue reading “Listen To My Appearance on “The Conversation”!”

Mystery and Thriller Mavens Interview Now Online

Missed the Mystery And Thriller Mavens interview I was recently on? No worries! The recording now available to watch. I had such a fun talking with host, Sara DiVello andContinue reading “Mystery and Thriller Mavens Interview Now Online”

Upcoming Interview with Mystery and Thriller Mavens

I’m so excited to be on Mystery And Thriller Mavens with host, Sara DiVello, where we will talk about one of my favorite genres, Mysteries! The fun starts on Tomorrow,Continue reading “Upcoming Interview with Mystery and Thriller Mavens”

Celebrating 8 Years of Cup of Tea

This week marks cup of tea with that book, please 8 year anniversary. I never thought I would still be creating something for so long and I am so proudContinue reading “Celebrating 8 Years of Cup of Tea”

Cup of Tea Reaches New Milestone

Celebrating 6 Years of Blogging about Books!

This week marks six years that I decided to start this blog and cup of tea with this book, please was born! Every day I post and log on toContinue reading “Celebrating 6 Years of Blogging about Books!”

Friday Debate: Accessibility to ARCs

Welcome to Friday Debate, a feature on cup of tea with that book, please, where every Friday a question will be posted that tantalize the brain and expands our horizons.

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Three years ago today, cup of tea with that book please was born! I want to thank you all for your attention and attraction to my site. Without our passionsContinue reading “Happy 3rd Birthday!”

National Book Lovers Day

It’s National Book Lovers Day! It’s our day! I mean for us book lovers, every day is book lovers day. But it’s nice to have a day set aside justContinue reading “National Book Lovers Day”

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