“Would You Rather…” Book Tag

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*Would you ratherĀ only read trilogies or only read standalones?*

I think that is based on what genre it is. If its supernatural/fantasy, then I would prefer to read trilogies. I think more could be expanded more if the storytelling is just right. It it’s science fiction, then I would prefer it to be standalone. The story tends to be continuously beaten down and gets old real fast if it’s in a series. So importantly I think it’s really based on the storyline if it warrants for a trilogy.

*Would you rather only read male or female authors?*

I really don’t go out and seek male or female authors. Yes, a lot of the books that I read are by female authors but that is not because I deliberately picked them. I choose books based on my interest in the plot, not the gender. If the author happens to be female, so be it.

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*Would you rather shop at Barnes and Noble or Amazon?*

I used to work in Barnes & Noble and because of my unpleasant work experience, I avoid shopping there like the plague (This is just me. I’m totally bias. Please continue to shop there if you feel comfortable). Honestly, I shop at an independent bookstore first in NYC, Strand Bookstore, before I go anywhere else. But if I can’t find the book or it’s cheaper, I’ll shop on Amazon.

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Are Amazon *Really* Paying Authors Per Page Read? No. No, They’re Not. [Pause] Well…

If you want a deeper explanation of Amazon’s new plan of paying self-published authors based on how many pages are read, read this blog post:

Weekly Tea Discussion: Libraries and Publishers


Libraries and publishers, a very tenuous relationship. Both institutions are vital in this book market, especially with the number of booksellers decreasing and Amazon becoming a larger book retailer, but lacking a physical space. You would think with these downfall, both libraries and publishers would be working together. Unfortunately, that is not the case. Libraries are considered the bottom of the totem pole in publishers’ eyes so they receive very little help and publicity from the publishing industry. Strange, right? Libraries are like a free marketing and promotion tool that publishers can use. So why aren’t mainstream publishers taking advantage of this opportunity?

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BookCon 2015

2015-05-30 15.54.42


BookCon finally arrived this weekend and I had a great time! I met so many authors, attended interesting discussion panels, and received so many free books (a definite plus) that my mind is still trying to wrap around all the amazing things I saw and participated in this weekend. Take a look at the amazing pics I took over the weekend:

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And there ends a great weekend full of books! I would love to go again next year but I just found out that BookCon is going to be held in Chicago.So for anyone who is going to be in Chicago area on May 14, 2016, I suggest you check it out!

Top Ten Tuesday: Authors I Really Want To Meet


Top Ten Tuesday is a weekly meme hosted by the blog, The Broke and the Bookish. Today’s topic:

Ten Authors I REALLY Want To Meet”

I’ve been fortunate enough to already meet Emily Giffin and Mary Higgins Clark but there is so, SO many more authors where I loved their books and was dying to meet them. Here there are:

Meg Cabot / Jojo Moyes / Toni Morrison / Karen White / Kate Morton


JK Rowling / Jaqueline Woodson / Caroline B. Cooney / Joshilyn Jackson / Libba Bray

(All photos and links come from Goodreads)

What authors would be on your list?