Celebrating 6 Years of Blogging about Books!

This week marks six years that I decided to start this blog and cup of tea with this book, please was born! Every day I post and log on toContinue reading “Celebrating 6 Years of Blogging about Books!”

Earth Day at 50: Books to Help Commemorate

Today mark’s the 50th anniversary of Earth Day. We may not be celebrating it as we usually would this year, however, if this ongoing crisis has shown that caring aboutContinue reading “Earth Day at 50: Books to Help Commemorate”

Quote of the Day – January 28, 2020

A Jane Austen Fix

Yesterday was the 201st anniversary of Jane Austen’s death. If you are anything like me and can’t get enough of Jane Austen, here are some past blog posts I haveContinue reading “A Jane Austen Fix”

Happy 3rd Birthday!

Three years ago today, cup of tea with that book please was born! I want to thank you all for your attention and attraction to my site. Without our passionsContinue reading “Happy 3rd Birthday!”

Harry Potter Book Night Finally Coming to the US

Were you always jealous of the great Harry Potter events that occurred across the pond? Now here is your chance to take part in the festivities! This February, Books-A-Million will beContinue reading “Harry Potter Book Night Finally Coming to the US”

10 Things You May Not Know About Pride & Prejudice

Today is the anniversary of the publication of Jane Austen’s most beloved novel, Pride and Prejudice. This book is considered to be one the “most-loved books” of all time andContinue reading “10 Things You May Not Know About Pride & Prejudice”

Little Known Facts About Frankenstein

Frankenstein, most popular novel by Mary Shelley, is considered to be one of the best horror stories written in literature history. But you do you know the history behind thisContinue reading “Little Known Facts About Frankenstein”

Persuasion Turns 200

  This month, Persuasion turns 200. It was published at the end of 1817, six months after Jane Austen’s death. Other than being her last completed novel, Persuasion is consideredContinue reading “Persuasion Turns 200”

Pottermore To Launch A Book Club This June

Next month will be the 20th anniversary of the debut of Harry Potter and the Philosopher’s (Sorcerer’s) Stone and we were introduced to the magical world of Harry Potter (I can’t believeContinue reading “Pottermore To Launch A Book Club This June”

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