Book Review: We by Yevgeny Zamyatin

Format: Paperback Pages: 203 pages Published: September 21, 2006 (First published 1924) Publisher: Modern Library Genre:  Fiction & Literature, Science Fiction, Classics

PBS Releases 100 Books of “The Great American Read” List

The book list has been reveleaed ! Here it is…the top 100 books that the public will choose from and determine which is “The Great American Read” The book list was compiled based on a survey of Americans, conducted by PBS and a polling service. Voting will begin after the premiere of the series, whichContinue reading “PBS Releases 100 Books of “The Great American Read” List”

Celebrating Banned Books Week

Congratulations! We have just arrived into Banned Books Week, an ALA (American Libraries Associations) that celebrates not only what we do best, read, but also the freedom to seek out and absorb knowledge, no matter how controversial and unorthodox it would appear. Since this event began in 1982, over  11,300 books have been challenged.  You haveContinue reading “Celebrating Banned Books Week”