Cup of Tea’s 2023 Reading Challenge

We are only TWO days away from the first day of 2023 and you are probably trying to figure out your next reading will be. Don’t fret! The Cup ofContinue reading “Cup of Tea’s 2023 Reading Challenge”

Cup of Tea’s 2022 Reading Challenge

It’s the first day of the year and that means the first day of a reading challenge! Try Cup of Tea’s Reading Challenge 2022 that will not only introduce youContinue reading “Cup of Tea’s 2022 Reading Challenge”

Introducing StoryGraph and 2021 Reading Challenges!

Calling all book lovers! Are you tired of using Goodreads or want to receive more accurate data on your reading habits? Then let me introduce you to a website thatContinue reading “Introducing StoryGraph and 2021 Reading Challenges!”

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