Not For Girls, Just For Boys

An eight year old girl from London helped strike a blow against gender inequality, even if the topic is books. This young girl started a petition arguing that books shouldn’t be designated “for boys” or “for girls”. This started when she spotted a children’s book titled Amazing Things for Boys to Make and Do – theContinue reading “Not For Girls, Just For Boys”

Judging a Book By Its Cover

I read Book Guy Reviews interesting post “Reading the Tough Stuff” and I recalled a story that happened to me when I was young. I was in the third grade and of course I was avid reader, even back then. But unfortunately not everyone was too keen on that, more specifically my teacher. One time, myContinue reading “Judging a Book By Its Cover”

The popularity of Jane Austen

I recently read this Wall Street Journal Article “The Secret of the Jane Austen Industry” by Alexander McCall Smith, author of the latest Austen novel retelling, Emma, A Modern Retelling. He writes, There are plenty of superficial romantic novels that are forgotten as soon as they are read. Austen is far from superficial. Although her books areContinue reading “The popularity of Jane Austen”

TV adaptations: The end of the chapter

It’s the same old thing. There are several stages a bookworm goes through when he or she first hears that their favorite book or book series is being adapted into a television show: You first become disinterested. Why would you want your favorite book to be ruined by another Hollywood production? As the idea startsContinue reading “TV adaptations: The end of the chapter”

Does The Internet Make Reading Seem Boring?

“Reading” and “boring”. Those are two words that you will never find together in any of my sentence structures. Sure, a book itself can be boring. But the act itself can never be a bother. Unfortunately, not everyone feels that way…that is, based on a certain Huffington Post blog post titled: Does The Internet Make ReadingContinue reading “Does The Internet Make Reading Seem Boring?”

Joanna Trollope and the Austen Project

 The author, Joanna Trollope, stated in a recent Guardian and Daily Mail article that one of literature’s beloved characters, Mr. Darcy, most likely gained his fortune from profits of the slave trade. Here are the two articles if you like to read them: Did Mr Darcy Make His Fortune From Slavery? I’m not naive.Continue reading “Joanna Trollope and the Austen Project”