Book Review: Manga Classics: Sense and Sensibility by Stacy King, art by Po Se

26591769Format: Harcover  

Pages: 308 pages

Published: July 12, 2016

Publisher: Udon Entertainment

Genre: Graphic Novels, Mangas, Classics






Impulsive Marianne Dashwood and cautious Elinor are as different as two sisters could be, yet both are shattered by their father’s sudden Death. Elinor’s attachment to the reserved Edward Ferrars is torn asunder by family opposition and his own dark secret, while Marianne’s brilliant romance with the dashing John Willoughby comes to a tumultuous end in a devastating public betrayal. Can the two sisters overcome these trials to find true, lasting happiness?

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Three Book Reviews For The Price of One

Goldie Vance Vol. 1 by by Hope Larson and Brittney Williams

Look out Nancy Drew! Make way for Goldie Vance! If you were a fan of the amateur sleuth like I was when I was a kid, then this series is definitely for you. Goldie Vance’s tenacity and her empowering quest for the truth is a all-round inspiring and a fun adventure to go on. The artwork is amazing! It is very vibrant and retro, a great way to appeal to the younger generation. Another great comic book series that I will definitely be continuing!

Overall Rating: 4 out of 5 stars 

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Book Review: Ms. Marvel #9: Civil War II by G. Willow Wilson

29775583Format:  Paperback

Pages: 136 pages

Published: December 14, 2016

Publisher: Marvel

Genre: Fiction, Graphic Novels






While CIVIL WAR II brews, the next generation of Avengers has bigger things to worry about – like a tri-state academic competition! As rival schools clash, Ms. Marvel’s teammates Spider-Man and Nova are now her enemies! But when Kamala gets called to the real battle’s front line, she faces a fight she can’t embiggen her way out of. She’s about to learn a valuable lesson: Never meet your idols! As war intensifies, tragedy strikes too close to home – and Ms. Marvel must choose between her heroes and her family. When friends become foes, Ms. Marvel struggles to put her life and Jersey City back together. Kamala will be forced to grow up fast and find her true place in the world. But will she be an international sensation…or a menace?

The thing I love about this series is not only the action and the amazing storytelling but how it coincides with real life events, making it a more relatable to the story to the reader. Kamala continuously struggles to balance her superhero personality with her family life. The continuous clash shows how real Kamala truly is. And the current social issues?Judgement for crimes before they are even committed? This was a perfect storyline for a younger audience.With everything that is currently going on now, kids and teens will dive more into the story and and admire Kamala as a character more.

And I loved that we got to see more of her family and her origins, which I believe is an important factor when writing the beginnings of a superhero. Her constant struggle became more alive to me and I admired her more. Kamala was more real instead an unattainable idol that looks like it is perfect on the inside and out. I don’t read a lot of graphic novels but this is one series I will definitely continue to read until the very end. It manages to never disappoint. I highly recommend it!

Overall rating: 5 out of 5 stars

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