Quote of the Day – April 28, 2016

In Remembrance of Jane Austen

Jane Austen died in 1817 on this day. As well as contributing six great novels, she also wrote poetry. Here’s her poem “I’ve A Pain in My Head”: I’ve A Pain In My Head ‘I’ve a pain in my head’ Said the suffering Beckford; To her Doctor so dread. ‘Oh! what shall I take for’t?’Continue reading “In Remembrance of Jane Austen”

Poem: Grateful

  Jagged scars Red and blue bruises All your actions All your words Left markings on my body. You thought brought me down Pushed me to my breaking point. But through my battles through my falls, I found myself rising, emerging from my tears. Now I don’t see my scars as pain. My scars tellContinue reading “Poem: Grateful”

Poem-A New World

Looking Down at the world beneath you Beckoning upon your name Like soft music to my ears Singing their glorious song What you see Different from your own world Longing to take the change That beholds over you Making you a new person Inside and outside Seeing how the brightness Shines upon you Not justContinue reading “Poem-A New World”