Book Review: Angels in The Snow by M.M. Chouinard

Format: Paperback, Digital

Pages: 378 pages

Published: November 8, 2023

Publisher: Bookouture

Genre: Mystery & Thriller, Suspense


When Detective Jo Fournier’s cousin goes missing with her sweet five-year-old Alexia, Jo heads straight to where they were last seen. Her heart stops when she finds their unlocked car—one door has been left open and Alexia’s beloved teddy is lying in the snow. Jo’s blood runs cold as she realizes her family have been kidnapped…

Even as she swears to bring them home, Jo makes a discovery that chills her to the bone: other young, single mothers have vanished with their little daughters just before Christmas.

As Jo’s team re-open the cold cases, they make a terrible discovery. Buried deep under the snow in the forest near Oakhurst are the bones of a mother and daughter who disappeared. The snowy grave contains a little angel, the kind you would hang on a Christmas tree.

With no sign of her cousin and little Alexia, Jo is sure that they are in the hands of a twisted serial killer and running out of time. Discovering suspicious activity in the security footage from the day her cousins were taken gives Jo the clue she’s been desperately searching for. Can Jo bring her family home safe, or has the killer lured her into a terrifying trap? (Credit: Bookouture)

Are you looking for a heartstopping thriller from beginning to end to read for the holidays? Then Angels In The Snow, the latest in the Detective Jo Fournier Series by M.M. Chouinard, definitely needs to be on your list. I never got to read the other books in this police procedural series. Don’t worry. You don’t need to read the previous seven books to understand the plot in book 8. However, like in any series, it is good to start at the beginning, and that is what I will do after encountering Angels In The Snow.

This gripping thriller will be perfect for any reader who is a big mystery fan but enjoys a story that not only includes a mystery where the readers are involved in the clues and trying to figure out the culprit themselves (I always love seeing that in books), but you also have a book where the characters are more personable and relatable. That is the case with Detective Jo Fournier when this kidnapping case hits a little bit close to home. Chouinard has done a great job in not only being a great storyteller. She’s created a collection of characters you can connect emotionally, but most importantly, she used that in creating Jo Fournier. Fournier is not in that class of female detectives that prove you can be determined and sound at your job but also be empathetic and genuine.

This is a definite must-read for mystery fans who are looking for a new series to embark on. Fans of cozies and police procedural mysteries will definitely enjoy this one.

Thank you Bookuture and NetGalley for an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review.

Rating: 4 out of 5.

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Author Bio:

M.M. Chouinard’s first fiction story was published in her local paper when she was eight, and she fell in love with Agatha Christie novels not long after. While pursuing a Ph.D in psychology and helping to found the first U.S. research university of the new millenium, the stories kept rattling around inside her skull, demanding to come out. For sanity’s sake, she released them. She’s currently at work on her seventh novel.


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