Author Talk with Shof and Shobo

Are you in the mood to hear more about an Afrofuturism tale? Then you don’t want to miss this upcoming author talk, Tuesday, August 8 at 3 PM EDT, with comic book writer, illustrators and brothers, Shof and Shobo, as we talk about their latest graphic novel, New Masters!


School Library Journal’s “Best Graphic Novels of 2022” List 

Creators for Creators’ 2019 grant recipients, Nigerian brothers Shobo and Shof Coker, present New Masters, a groundbreaking blend of science fiction, adventure, drama, and vibrant Afrofuturism. In a striking vision of West Africa under the thumb of alien colonizers, a motley crew of outcasts find themselves caught up in a power struggle for control of an ancient artifact with immense power. 

Author Bio

Shof is a comic book artist and director in animation born and raised in Lagos, Nigeria. He co-created the African futurist series NEW MASTERS and kickstarted the comic Outcasts of Jupiter. He was the art director for Liyana, an animated documentary, which won several awards including Best Documentary at the LA Film Festival and Grand Prize at the New York Children’s Film Festival. He previously worked in video games as a character designer and art director and is currently directing a Nigerian sci-fi animated short film with Triggerfish and Disney titled Moremi.

Shobo Coker is a videogame developer and writer of African science fiction and fantasy from Lagos, Nigeria. He co-created the Afrofuturist science fiction comic NEW MASTERS at Image, the Kickstarter comic Outcasts of Jupiter, and the all-ages adventure comic Buckhead. He is a recipient of the 2019 Creators for Creators Grant and spends much of his time writing comics and videogames and researching the mythology, religious concepts, and history of the Yoruba people.

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