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Some people have told me that it is hard to get into audiobooks. Once they start listening to them, they feel they are not paying attention to the story compared to reading it in print. But I tell them it depends on how the story is said to you, in this case, the narrator. The type of narrator makes and breaks the effectiveness of the audio narration. I have encountered mediocre narrators who I thought did okay. But then some narrators made me forget that I was listening to an audiobook and figuratively took me to another world.

So in honor of Audiobook Appreciation Month, I wanted to name some of my favorite narrators I’ve encountered in my audiobook journey. As I continue to listen to audiobooks, I expect the list to change or grow. However, if you are looking for a combination of a good story and a great narrator, you can’t go wrong with the following:

Richard Armitage

Great actor, great narrator. His way of telling stories is just amazing! Anytime I see that his name as the narrator, I know I am in for a treat!

Recommended Audiobooks:

Aoife McMahon

Her narration of the stories really swept me away. Heavy accent or not, the diction was spot on and the performance of the text was a treat to listen.

Recommended Audiobooks

Alana Kerr Collins

Alana is one of my favorite Irish narrators because she does such a wonderful on making the story genuine and natural. She has done of the narration for Catherine Ryan Howard’s books but there are definitely more I need to check out!

Recommended Audiobooks

Alison Larkin

I feel like Alison Larkin is the queen of narration because it’s not just a story a person is listening to but a performance and she really puts a lot of spirit and liveliness in every narration she does.

Recommended Audiobooks:

Jeanette Illidge

I feel like Jeanette is rising star with audiobook narration. She can adapt her voice to different situations that makes the reader (or listener) feel like they are having a one on one conversation with the characters.

Recommended Audiobooks:

Diveen Henry

If there ever were a TV/film adaptation of this series, I would want Diveen Henry to play her. Her fantastic narration of the suspenseful series is ingrained in my head, and I can’t think of anyone that can take her place.

Recommended Audiobooks

Zenia Starr

The way provides different tones and accents to the characters makes the story come to life and provides a joyful ( and humorous) listening experience.

Recommended Audiobooks

 Nathalie Buscombe

When you need an ominous tone added to your story, then Nathalie Buscombe is your narrator. Although she has narrated more joyful stories, the way she narrates mysteries and thrillers provides a chill down your spine and makes you yearn for more.

Recommended Audiobooks

Tuppence Middleton

Tuppence has a real knack for narrating historical fiction and takes you back to the time period of the story. When I listened to The Gifts, the way she changed the her tone and diction for each of the characters made me feel like I was listening to a show on the radio.

Recommended Audiobooks

Janina Edwards

Janina was awarded a 2022 Audie Award for her narration of The Final Revival of Opal and Nev but I think you need to take a listen as to why Janina adds personality and effective delivery in her narrations.

Recommended Audiobooks

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