Book Review: The Binding Room by Nadine Matheson

Format: Hardcover

Pages: 506 pages (UK: 512 pages)

Published:  July 12, 2022 (UK: July 7)

Publisher: Hanover Square Press (UK: HarperCollins UK)

Genre: Mystery & Thrillers, Suspense, Fiction & Literature


When Detective Anjelica Henley is called to investigate the murder of a popular preacher in his own church, she discovers a second victim, tortured and tied to a bed in an upstairs room. He is alive, but barely, and his body shows signs of a dark religious ritual.

With a revolving list of suspects and the media spotlight firmly on her, Henley is left with more questions than answers as she attempts to untangle both crimes. But when another body appears, the case takes on a new urgency. Unless she can apprehend the killer, the next victim may just be Henley herself.

Inspector Anjelica Henley is my new favorite detective, and Nadine Matheson is my new favorite mysteries author. I was enamoured with The Jigsaw Man and waited anxiously for the next book. It can be a hit or miss with sequels or series. However, with Matheson’s latest, there doesn’t seem to be any danger of that happening.

We find Henley back on another case that looks like an old-fashioned stabbing but then leads to the darkness and twistedness of human nature. But the story does not only dives into the complexities of the crime. We find Henley dealing with post-traumatic stress disorder (PTSD) from her last case with serial killer Olivier and professional problems that are jam-packed in a thriller that has you on the edge of your seat from beginning to end.

The Binding Room not only gives mystery fans a heart-racing story they love to read. This novel touches on various relevant themes: race, religion and powerful institutions that try to take advantage of the weak and unfortunate. Matheson did make it a “preaching moment” but an actual conversation that people should be having about these issues. I know that made this story and these characters so real, talking about real issues and dealing with real problems.

You are probably wondering about the story’s mystery and suspense, and I’m glad to say it does not disappoint! Matheson’s career as a lawyer allows her to use real-life experiences to instil so much tension in the story. I had a hard time putting this one down! As soon as the chapter concludes, you sit with anticipation to figure out the next revelation is coming around the corner. And you were always surprised what twist was heading your way. With a thriller, you want to be gripped by the story, and this Matheson latest does just that!

Anjelica Henley is an extraordinary detective. She internalizes and empathizes with the situations she encounters. But we also don’t see her interaction with her work colleagues but with her family and friends. Those kinds of personal reactions make her very different from other literary detectives. It makes her more realistic, and readers get to be on the journey as Henley goes through the trials and tribulations of balancing her family life and work life. You also want to root for her when she doesn’t get proper support, especially from her husband, Rob. Rob’s lack of sympathy and understanding of Henley’s feelings makes him very unlikable, and hopefully, he will be the next murder victim in the next book.

Nadine Matheson has another winner here. If you haven’t joined the Inspector Henley bandwagon, now is your chance! Mystery and thriller fans will be engrossed in a suspenseful story and soon discover that Nadine Matheson is an author you should keep on your radar!

Rating: 5 out of 5.

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