Introducing 2022 Summer Reading Challenge

Are you trying to read more this summer? Don’t fret! Sign up for Cup of Tea’s first annual Summer Reading Challenge! We’ve created compelling and creative prompts that will get you to tick off the books from your TBR list.

So take part in this summer’s reading challenge. Remember, summer reading challenges are not just for kids to take part in…adults can join in on the fun as well!

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  • A book from the 2022 YA Book Prize Shortlist
  • A book from Cup of Tea’s 2022 Summer Reads Booklist
  • An audiobook
  • A children/middle grade book
  • A classic mystery
  •  A classic you wanted to read for the summer 
  •  A book adapted to a TV/Movie this summer
  • A graphic novel/comic book
  • A manga volume
  • A book that you a reading with a friend/parent/child or general read-a-long
  • A book from the  Bronx Anti-Prom 2022 Author Talks
  • A book from Cup of Tea’s Author Talks
  • A book for Disability Pride Month
  • A nonfiction book about current events 
  •  A book with the word “Summer” in the title
  • Bonus Prompt: Read “Persuasion” in preparation for the movie!

Remember To Sign Up For the Year Long Reading Challenge!

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