Audio Listens for the Fall

I gave you great Audio listens for the summer. Now here are some great audiobooks that will have you so excited that fall is starting tomorrow! (I know I am!) From a heartwarming debut about the love of library books to an engaging espionage thriller in Ireland, here are some great listening recommendations that will definitely start your fall reading off right:

Beautiful World, Where Are You by Sally Rooney

Narrated by Aoife McMahon

This great work of literary fiction follows four young people has they have relationships, break up, speculate about friendships and wonder about the world and what it offers them. If you haven’t joined the Rooney bandwagon, this is the perfect book to do so!

Northern Spy by Flynn Berry

Narrated by: Katharine Lee McEwan

Both riveting and compelling, this book really surprised at how it came together. Not for the mystery aspect, but the emotional investment and care that the author showed on how far a mother would go to provide their child with a better life. I always find fiction about the Northern Ireland conflict and this book did a great job depicting historical context tied in with an exciting espionage adventure that is hard to put down from beginning to end. 

The Reading List By Sara Nisha Adams

Narrated by: Tara Divina, Sagar Arya & Paul Panting

An unforgettable and heartwarming debut about how a chance encounter with a list of library books helps forge an unlikely friendship between two very different people in a London suburb. (Credit: William Morrow & Company)

A Ghost in the Throat by Doireann Ní Ghríofa

Narrated by: Siobhán McSweeney

In the eighteenth century, on discovering her husband has been murdered, an Irish noblewoman drinks handfuls of his blood and composes an extraordinary lament that reaches across centuries to the young Doireann Ní Ghríofa, whose fascination with it is later rekindled when she narrowly avoids fatal tragedy in her own life and becomes obsessed with learning everything she can about the poem Peter Levi has famously called “the greatest poem written in either Ireland or Britain” during its era. A kaleidoscopic blend of memoir, autofiction, and literary studies, A Ghost in the Throat moves fluidly between past and present, quest and elegy, poetry and the people who make it. (Credit: Biblioasis)

The Last Chance Library by Freya Sampson

Narrated by: Nathalie Pownall

June Jones emerges from her shell to fight for her beloved local library, and through the efforts and support of an eclectic group of library patrons, she discovers life-changing friendships along the way. (Credit: Berkley Books)

Assembly by Natasha Brown

Narrated by: Pippa Bennett-Warner

Assembly is a story about the stories we live within – those of race and class, safety and freedom, winners and losers. And it is about one woman daring to take control of her own story, even at the cost of her life. With a steely, unfaltering gaze, Natasha Brown dismantles the mythology of whiteness, lining up the debris in a neat row and walking away. (Credit:
Little Brown and Company)

The Shape of Darkness by Laura Purcell

Narrated by: Ell Potter

The Queen of gothic literature has gifted us with another thrilling and spooky paranormal mystery that will have readers guessing who they can trust and what is really going on. Loved every minute of it!

Small Pleasures by Clare Chambers

Narrated by Karen Cass

Expected Publication Date: October 5

Both a mystery and a love story, Small Pleasures is a literary tour-de-force in the style of The Remains of the Day, about conflict between personal fulfillment and duty; a novel that celebrates the beauty and potential for joy in all things plain and unfashionable. (Credit: Custom House)

56 Days by Catherine Ryan Howard

Narrated by: Alana Kerr Collins

I didn’t think I would be ready to read a book about the pandemic and lockdown but this was a book that blew me away! I could not put it down! It really had me guessing. I liked how that although it took place during the global pandemic it didn’t take over the whole plot but it didn’t ignore that was happening either. It provided an equal balance of it with a mixture of an enticing thriller that really keeps you on the edge of your seat! 

The Temple House Vanishing by Rachel Donohue

Narrated by: Jennifer Fitzgerald & Clodagh Duggan

Told in alternating points of view, The Temple House Vanishing is tense, atmospheric, and page-turning . . . with a shocking, ingenious conclusion. (Credit: Algonquin Books)

Madam by Phoebe Wynne

Narrated by Nathalie Buscombe

A darkly feminist tale pitched against a haunting backdrop, and populated by an electrifying cast of heroines, Madam will keep readers engrossed until the breathtaking conclusion. (Credit: St. Martin’s Press)

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